Mercury Enterprises is a diversified one stop shop for your needs whether you are looking for consultancy services in Civil Or Large Government Projects, BPO services , Network solutions for a fresh or revamping of an old infrastructure.

Mercury Enterprises believes in an efficient and prompt after sale service and is steadfast to its belief. Presently, we are providing services, which include Network Installation, Computer Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Data Communications, Services Contracts, Software Development Support and Customer training to a vast customer base.

We advise our clients on accurate requirements for key decisions to be made. This information is then compiled into a register of contract information. We thoroughly review the contractual position and ascertain entitlements, producing a summary report with recommended proposed actions and responsibilities for the clients’ benefit.

Having activated the tasks, we will resource and commit to both time and fee level constraints. To ensure the client is involved at all stages of the project we agree a structured communication strategy. Any claims resolution is approached on a proactive basis, eliminating conflict and ensuring all relationships remain positive and stable. At contract completion, our staff and clients are debriefed and any lessons learnt and best practice knowledge acquired, are recorded for future mutual development and growth.

  • We provide a fully managed service adapted to individual client needs.
  • We have an in-depth knowledge and experience of all sectors of construction and Civil Engineering.
  • We understand that effective communication is a key to success.
  • We are ‘team players’ and are quick to integrate with client’s staff.
  • We are a motivated, enthusiastic and well managed company.
  • We are flexible and reliable; there when you need us with controlled overhead costs.